Local businesses can now apply for piece of $420,000 COVID Relief grant

We are pleased to announce that small businesses in Medina County can now begin applying for COVID Relief grants through October 1.
The Medina County Commissioners Court voted unanimously on August 13, 2020 to designate $420,000 of CARES Act funding to develop a Medina County Grant Program to assist small businesses within Medina County that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
A committee was formed to structure the grant application and will be responsible for reviewing all applications for the Medina County Grant Program. This committee consists of: Commissioner Jerry Beck, Commissioner Tim Neuman, Assistant County Auditor Julie Schneider, County Judge Administrative Assistant Jennifer Adlong and Medina County Economic Development Director Stephanie Blanks.
Review Process:
The Medina County Grant Committee will review all applications to ensure completeness and eligibility. Applicants will receive notification of their application status within 5-7 business days of receipt. All applications must include a signed W-9 and 941 form (for those with employees). Applicants employing between 1 – 4 employees are eligible for grants up to $2,000, 5 – 10 employees are eligible for grants up to $5,000. Applicants employing between 11 – 25 employees are eligible for grants up $10,000. If granted, payments will be made directly to the applicant to be utilized for eligible expenses. The Medina County Grant Committee will accept applications until October 1. Applications may be emailed to: purchasing@medinacountytexas.org or dropped off or mailed to:
1616 Avenue M Suite 100 Hondo, Texas 78861

Eligibility and Qualifications:
To keep businesses running through a time of social distancing, the Medina County Grant Committee developed this program to assist small, Medina County businesses that are independently owned and operated with between 1 – 25 employees. Eligible industries may include retail (storefront), food and beverage; personal care (barber shop, nail salons, spas, etc.), automobile maintenance, education training, health/wellness, art galleries and small manufacturing businesses. National chains, financial institutions, RV parks, apartment complexes, home-based businesses, permanently closed businesses, and non-profit organizations are not eligible for the grant. Grants will not exceed $10,000.
Small businesses wishing to apply for the grant must meet the following criteria:
• Physical and publicly accessible location within Medina County (no home-based businesses)
• Experienced a decline in revenue and/or employment since April 1, 2020
• In good standing with Medina County regarding licensing and permits
• Must be registered with the Texas Comptroller’s Office as a sales tax revenue generating business for Medina County
• Engaged in activities that are legal under county and state law

Eligible expenses allowed under the grant program include:
• Rent/Mortgage
• Employee support (salaries, insurance, paid leave, etc.)
• Utilities (electricity, phone/internet, etc.)
• Purchase of supplies to offer alternative business access (curbside pickup, delivery, shipping)
• Purchase of COVID-19 supplies for business/customer protection/cleaning
• Additional expenses as a result of increased cost from suppliers or alternate suppliers
• Other business needs as approved by the Medina County Grant Committee