Little Riley makes her debut as 4th
generation beekeeper

Little Rylee Smith, 6, is officially a 4th generation beekeeper at the family business, Honig Apiary in Devine.
“Honig, actually means honey in German,” said Rylee’s mother, Deann Smith, who was excited to introduce her little girl to the family business.
It all started with Grandpa David Ivy many years ago.
“My grandpa Ivy was a beekeeper years ago before he passed away, and my mom Michelle Honig would always help him when she was younger. She just got back into it a few years ago on the family property in Devine,” said Rylee’s mother Deann Smith. “We hope to start selling at some of the markets this year.”
Granddaughter Rylee has been begging to help with the beekeeping, and she got her chance this past weekend.
“She was a natural and absolutely loved it! Thank you Grandma for teaching us the ropes!” Smith said. “She’s been begging us for a while and we finally Gave in. I thought she would get scared, but we actually had to tell her to get back a few times and to stop trying to pet all of the bees. She helped with everything and giggled the whole time. She also attempted to name them all.”

By Kayleen Holder