LaPryor rallies to upend Natalia

The Natalia Mustangs battled the LaPryor Bulldogs in their final non-district game of the season on March 20th in Zavala County. The Mustangs were in control, so they thought, up 9-2 going into the 5th inning. Unfortunately, pitching woes resulted in the home squad rallying back, overcoming a huge deficit and a field delay (lights went out) en route to a 12-11 victory over the Mustangs.
The Natalia Mustangs used a total of four pitchers, trying to find one who could stay consistent and throw strikes. Unfortunately, nine walks in the game proved deadly, including walking in the winning run in the 7th inning.
The Mustang offense did their part, as they belted out 12 hits with 10 RBIs which was key to giving themselves a chance with a 9-2 lead.
Unfortunately, LP scored three runs in the 5th, two in the sixth and five in the 7th to work past the Stangs.
Jeremiah Castro pitched 2.0, allowed one hit, one run, struck out two. Diego Zapata pitched 2.0, allowe3d one run, struck out three and walked three. Matt Contreras pitched 1.0, allowed three hits, four runs and walked two. Isaiah Gomez pitched 1.1, allowed two hits, six runs (one earned), struck out two and walked four.
At bat: Anton Felker 3-4-2runs scored-4RBIs, Matt Contreras 1-5-1run scored, Jeremiah Castro 2-3-2RBIs, Joel Mendez 0-1-1run scored, Uriel Arellano 1-5-1RBI, Cade Fregia 1-2-2runs scored-1RBI, Isaiah Gomez 0-1-1run scored, Wyatt Woodson 2-2-2runs scored-1RBI, Diego Zapata 1-3-1run scored-1RBI, Paul Almendarez 0-0-1run scored and Fabian Ruiz 1-3.
By Eric Smith