Lady Mustangs take championship in home powerlifting meet

The Natalia Lady Mustangs won their own powerlifting invitational last Wednesday scoring 61 points in their team victory. Natalia outdistanced themselves from runner up Cotulla by nine points and third place Devine by 26 points.
Gold medals went to Gabby Munoz, Jasmine Ramon, Jiselle Gonzales, and Rubiana Juarez while silver medals were awarded to Dominique Banda, Jalisco Schorsch, and Kate Robinson. Winning bronze were Ava Sanchez, Kylee Spangler, and Araceley Segovia.
Team rankings
1st Natalia 61, 2nd Cotulla 52, 3rd Devine 35, 4th Lytle 13, 5th San Antonio Southwest 9, Stockdale 6.
Lady Mustang results (Class-Place-Lifter-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total)
114lb-2nd Dominique Banda-225-110-225-560; 114lb-3rd-Ava Sanchez-220-105-210-535; 123lb-2nd-Jalesca Schorsch-28-115-305-700; 123lb (JV)-7th-Isabella Martinez-215-115-255-585; 123lb (JV)-8th-Rebekah Sanchez-225-95-250-570; 132lb-4th-Jelli Padilla-265-140-265-670; 165lb-3rd-Kylee Spangler-215-115-270-600; 165lb (JV)-6th-Carla Covarrubias-180-95-225-500; 165lb (JV)-7th-Sofia Tolbert-195-95-205-495; 181lb-1st-Gabby Munoz-400-185-370-955; 181lb-4th-Marina Billalobos (JV)-4th-240-110-260-610; 198lb-1st-Jasmine Ramon-345-170-365-880; 198lb-3rd-Araceley Segovia-325-115-315-755; 220lb-1st-Jiselle Gonzales-440-235-36-1,035; 198lb-2nd-Kate Robinson-385-150-335-870; 259lb (JV)-6th-Isabel Laque-250-160-250-660; 259lb (JV)-7th-Arriana Romero-250-120-225-595; 259lb (JV)-8th-Olivia Velasquez-260-115-215-590; 259lb+-1st-Rubiana Juarez-345-175-340-860.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer