Lady Mustangs rally past feisty Poth

After shutting down Poth 10-0 in their 26-3A first round battle, no one truly expected last Friday night’s home game to be much of a challenge for the girls in blue.
Coming off an upset road loss in Karnes City, Natalia truly needed a win in order to have a shot at a Co-District Title in district.
Natalia came out flat in all aspects of the game, which allowed Poth to take a 2-0 early lead before Natalia came alive. In the end, the Lady Stangs proved they were the better team, en route to a solid 6-2 home win.
After two scoreless innings of play, the Pirettes were able to use three singles to take a 2-0 lead.
Natalia responded with a big 3rd inning of their own. They used a Trista Vera hit by a pitch, a single by Biviana Figueroa, a double by Daniella Garza and a big triple by Bryanna Perez to fuel the girls in blue to a three run inning.
Natalia was able to play nearly perfect defense from here on out and take care of business offensively.
The Lady Mustangs scored a pair of runs in the bottom of the 5th thanks to a single by JuJu Morales, a double by B. Figueroa and an error put into play to make things happen. Morales stole home base and was actually tagged out, but the catcher dropped the ball. Just as the Poth catcher went toward the mound to talk things over with the pitcher, an additional run scored for Natalia thanks to heads up coaching and base running. This gave the girls in blue a 5-1 lead.
Natalia scored one final run in the 6th, thanks to a Jimena Figueroa single and a double by Sontoya.
The Lady Mustangs finished the game with a 7-3 offensive advantage versus Poth as both defenses surrendered two defensive errors.
At bat: Garza 1-3-4RBIs, Mariah Joseph 0-0-1run scored, Vera 0-3-1run scored, Contreras 0-2, J. Figueroa 1-3-1run scored, Perez 1-3, Morales 1-3-1run scored-1RBI, Megan Castro 0-3, Sontoya 1-1-1RBI, Caprice Sanchez 0-2, B. Figueroa 2-3-2runs scored.
On the Mound: Garza pitched 7.0, allowed three hits, walked one and struck out seven giving up two earned runs.
Defensive Put-Out Leaders: Contreras 11, B. Figueroa 7. Assists- Garza 3.
Upcoming Games
Natalia rounded out things with a home game on press night versus Cole and a road game on Friday versus Brooks Academy.
Jourdanton was set to battle Poth on the road on press night and Karnes City on the road on Friday. The Squaws remain without their starting pitcher due to a car wreck that happened three weeks ago. Natalia wishes a speedy recovery for the talented young lady.
Currently, Natalia is one game behind the Squaws. If Jourdanton was to lose one game, that would force a playoff with Natalia with seeding. If Jourdanton was to drop both and Natalia won out, the Lady Stangs would be 26-3A champions.
By Eric Smith