JV1 Lady Mustangs go 1-1 last week

The JV1 Lady Mustangs went 1-1 last week against Cotulla and Poteet. They are now 6-7 for the season and are working hard with every practice and game to make that a winning record. They will have their last home game this Saturday against Poth and then be on the road for Lytle, Karnes City, Dilley, and Cotulla.
Playing Cotulla for the first time this season the JV1 squad was able to take the lead and hold on to it. They won 25-12 and 25-8. Cotulla was unable to return the ball and struggled against the strong Mustang offense.
Aces: Dominique Banda 4, Kody Blanquiz 2. Kills: Katie Curiel 2. Assists: Briana Paredes 3, Angelina Solis 2. Digs: Blanquiz 2, Banda 2.
Poteet was a much tougher JV team and the Lady Mustangs worked hard but fell 21-25 and 18-25. The games were tight until the end and Natalia went home proud of how they played despite the loss.
Digs: Mag Martinez 4, Curiel 2, Angelina Dunes 2. Kills: Heidi Vasquez 2, Trina Vera 2, Addison Crowther 2, Valerie Saenz 2. Assists: Paredes 4, Solis 3.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer