JV Warhorses finish season

The JV Warhorses finished off the season with a road win over the Fox Tech Buffalos. The Horses started off slow getting outscored 19-8 in the 1st quarter. The boys were playing hard, but we just could not make the ball go in the basket despite several really good looks. In the 2nd quarter the Horses were 1 point better outscoring the Buffalos 15-14 but trailing at the half by 10 points, 23-33. Both teams came out cold in the 3rd quarter with the Horses winning the 3rd by 1, 7-6. Trailing by 9 as the 4th quarter started, the Warhorses continued to work hard but found themselves down by 8 with 2 minutes to go in the game. The Warhorses pressed the final 2 minutes taking their first lead with 55 seconds to go in the contest. In the end, the Warhorses put up 20 points in the 4th quarter allowing only 9 and securing the 2-point win, 50-48.
This win moved the Horses to 3-5 in district play and 20-10 for the season.
Points: Wero Torres 4, Noah Macias 2, Juan Billalobos 7, Rylan Mata 9, Carson Suhr 3, Jonathan Esquibel 8, Trinadad Hernandez 2, Jacob Antu 13, Matt Gomez 1, and Ruger Cote 1. Antonio Gamboa and Chris Aguirre added defensively to the win. Q1 8-19, Q2 23-33, Q3 30-39, Q4 50-48. FTP 47%.
I truly enjoyed coaching this group of young men. They worked hard every day on their game as well as helped the varsity prepare for each night’s opponents. I saw every day the desire and determination of these young men. Tonight, they put it all on display in a fantastic come from behind win. What a great way to end the season on such a thrilling win.
Courtesy Coach Gary Schmidt