JV Horses end season against Carrizo Springs

The JV Warhorse basketball team closed out its successful 2017 season with a loss to the Wildcats down in Carrizo Springs by the final score of 47 to 27. The team could not seem to get into a rhythm offensively which allowed the Wildcats to increase their lead after each quarter.
“We could not score,” stated Coach Evan Eads. “We had an 11-point first quarter but the ball just would not go in after that point. I would have liked to see more fight from the team as we were very competitive throughout the season but tonight we were not the most intense or excited team. I feel that we are a better team than what we showed in this game.”
After only being down 12 to 11 after the first quarter, Carrizo Springs built its lead to 21 to 14 at halftime and led 33 to 18 going into the final quarter of the season. Although the JV did not come out victorious in this game, it did not diminish the overall success that the players enjoyed on the court.
“This JV team is a great defensive team. They took a lot of pride in how they played on that end of the court. They typically spent the majority of practice going against a good varsity team and always did a great job giving them a good look. We won 21 games including 3 tournaments. In each of the six games that we lost, we had a tough time getting the ball to go into the basket. These players will get better offensively and they will contribute next year on varsity,” said Eads. “I thank them for all of the time and hard work that they put in to the season.”
Brady Cardenas led the team with 8 points. Others scoring: Marques Burford-Zawahreh 6, Javi Torres 6, Travis Simons 4, Brady Harrell 2, Damian Martinez 1. The remaining team members contributing to a 21-win season were Tristan Kramer, Chase DuBose, and Donavan Camacho.

By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer

Javi Torres brings the ball up the court.



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