January Devine City Council reports

The following departmental reports were included in Council packets at the Regular Devine City Council meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 19.
In January, 6,593,000 gallons of water were pumped from the Edwards Aquifer, and 5,701,000 gallons were pumped from the Carrizo Aquifer for a total of 12,294,000.
The City has used 20.23 acre feet of its allotted 911.730 acre feet from the Edwards Aquifer.
Public Works
One hundred and sixty work orders were issued in January, including 91 in the water department, 12 in the police department, five in the sewer department, three at City Hall, and two each in the street department and George S. Woods Community Center. There were also 34 line spots and 11 after hours.
One hundred and fifty-eight of the work orders were completed.
Police Department
Officers worked a total of 1,370.88 hours in January, including 196.06 hours of overtime by non-salary officers.
Other agencies assisted Devine PD 11 times, while Devine officers assisted other agencies 38 times, including nine hours and 48 minutes on 13 calls outside City limits.
Four hundred and ninety-nine calls were handled by dispatch, 123 warnings were given, 85 tickets were issued, and 27 arrests were made.
Tickets issued for traffic violations included 19 for speeding; 18 for expired motor vehicle registration; nine each for no valid driver’s license and failure to dim headlamps/meeting; six for failure to maintain financial responsibility; five for driving while license invalid; three for disregarding red light; two each for disregarding stop sign, speeding in a school zone, and defective tail lamps; and one each for failure to display driver’s license, failure to change address on driver’s license, failure to dim headlamps/following, and changing lanes when unsafe.
Tickets written for non-traffic violations included two each for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia, and one each for theft less than $100 and violation of City Ordinance – running at large.
Arrests included 11 for possession of drugs; five for driving while license invalid; two each for drunkenness, DWI/DUI minor, possession of drug paraphernalia, and warrant service; and one each for theft, resisting arrest/search, and assault – family violence.
Municipal Court
A total of 530 traffic and 412 non-traffic cases were on the Municipal Court docket in January. Seventy-five traffic cases were disposed and 75 were placed on inactive status, while 11 non-traffic cases were disposed and 50 put on inactive status. In all, 1,423 traffic and 1,101 non-traffic cases remained pending at the end of the month.
Three active civil cases remain pending, and one transportation code case was filed in juvenile court.
Fifty-nine arrest warrants were issued for Class C misdemeanors.
A total of $14,106.65 in fines and court costs were collected, $9,121.09 of which was kept by the City, while $4,985.65 was remitted to the State.
Driscoll Public Library
A total of 1, 363 library materials were checked out in January. Public access computers were used 463 times. Eight new library accounts and 21 new library cards were issued, and 160 patrons attended programs and classes.
Library staff noted that the Lego Club continues to grow, while the Code Club has close to a 100 percent return rate on attendees. Preschool Story Time has also grown, to around 18 participants each week.
Notable patron complaints included two broken public access computers, leaving only eight available for use, and the continued lack of Wi-Fi availability.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer