Jail addition, courthouse annex committee formed

The ‘lections are over and there are a couple of new faces gonna take office next January. Congrats to the winners. I neglected to thank those who voted to keep me in office for another four years and would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to them. Course, it’s always nice to be unopposed (and unindicted) in an election. Kinda sends a mixed message. Either everyone is happy with the job being done or no one cares. Can honestly say that it has been fun.
We formed a Construction Committee to oversee the construction of the proposed Jail Addition and Courthouse Annex. Judge Schuchart, Debbie Southwell (Treasurer), Commissioner Lynch, the Auditor and Sheriff Brown will compose this committee to monitor and report on the progress of the proposed projects as the process is ongoing.
We have chosen a Construction Manager/Agent for the planning and construction of the Jail addition but, are holding off hiring one for the Courthouse Annex until the Jail addition is well underway.
I am still asking for and have been told that we will have meetings on this side of the Creek (Devine and Natalia) to inform the folks over here of the needs and the methods of paying for the improvements to the Hondo skyline. Unlike the last attempt in 2010, taxpayers will be provided with explanations, study results and population increase updates that warrant the construction. The only thing that I would like to see is a good number of folks at these meetings.
We are in the planning stages for reconstructing CR 5710 (Calame Store Rd) and have not scheduled a start date yet. Probly late April or early May. The base material is already stored at the yard and we will obtain the paving rock prior to the start date. We will also be replacing culverts at CR 665 and CR 5710 as well as CR 7610 (Colonial Pkwy) and CR 5710 prior to reconstruction. Don’t matter how well we plan, something will always come up.
With this reconstruction comes delays, detours and impatient drivers…can’t avoid it. Just bear with us for a couple of weeks then you can run up and down the road at whatever breakneck speed you want. Speed limit signs will be posted but, nobody ever pays attention to them….they’re more like suggestions.
Had an unexpected expense come up when our water truck took a dump. Seems the contents of the radiator are not supposed to mix with the contents of the oil pan. Due to its age, the cost of repair and the need, we are going to have to buy another one. Thankfully, coming in under budget almost every year since taking office, there are ample funds available for much needed purchases of this type.
Still dry so keep prayin for rain even though April showers sposed to bring May flowers. Only 280 days till Christmas…..139 days for Willie Jo…