It’s a boy!

Well, it’s a boy! My husband is very excited that he won’t be so “outnumbered” anymore. It’s been just us and our daughter for so many years, and he pointed out that even all of our pets at the house (two dogs, three cats, and 2 goats) are all girls too…there’s something I’ve never thought about! My mom has said it’s going to be a boy all along because this pregnancy has kept me feeling so queasy all the way through it, and she was right.
Big sister A’Dell was excited and she put on a smile when we announced it was a boy, though I think she has a few reserved feelings about it. On the night before we had our sonogram, she shrieked with excitement about being able to find out what the baby is the next day, and she told me “I am going to be excited no matter what it is…a boy or a girl.”
It was very sweet. But just a few short months ago, she once told me she wanted a girl because boys would “slobber all over her toys.” I don’t know how much more boys slobber, but I know my brother and boy cousins sure loved to get his big T-Rex dinosaur and trample all over our intricately laid out Barbie towns. “Earthquake!” he’d yell. Everyone needs a brother to scrapple with though.
Right now, she oohs and awws at each and every little outfit we got, and happily helps me clean up all her old baby stuff we can re-use. We are decorating a blue “Beach theme” nursery for baby boy, so she’s pretty excited about that, too. She even chose to give up her room and move all her toys to another room so the nursery can be the room closest to our bedroom.
But I know someday soon, she’ll post a big sign on her door saying: “No Boys Allowed” targeted at her brother, and she’ll lock him out, and he’ll make earthquakes and she’ll scream. And I’ll remind her how cute he was when he was a baby!