Interlocal agreement with Zavala County approved

No rain. Sounds like the crowd chant during a Woodstock rainstorm. Really getting dry round here. Last week, several areas in our County got rain but, it was widely scattered.
We approved an Interlocal Agreement with Zavala County for housing our crooks in their jail. Since 2009, Medina County has spent over 1.4 million dollars on out-of-County housing for crooks and the trend does not show any letting up in the near future. The Counties that provide us the space are happy to accommodate us cause it is a source of revenue for them and a necessity for us.
Brings me to a topic of discussion had during several Budget meetings this year and last. Jail expansion is a necessary, expensive endeavor that just seems to grow with time. Kinda like that piece of gristle that just won’t go away and gets bigger every time you bite down on it. We are going to have to address it soon and the method of paying for it will be cussed and discussed extensively.
Also approved was a list of Election Judges for the Democratic Party to be utilized during the upcoming Election cycle.
Guess the biggest item on this Agenda was the current situation involving the Medina County Clerk. Without going into a lot of details, it was decided to have our TAC attorney file suit for the removal of our County Clerk pending the next Executive Session concerning the County Clerk. That next Executive Session will either be held on July 13th or 14th.
The search continues this week for one of those expensive necessities that we cannot do without and effectively continue our paving responsibilities. We are going to be shopping around for a big truck to haul our belly dump trailers and since they ain’t cheap, we are going to look at a lot of them before making a decision. This is an unexpected expenditure and will take a chunk outta this year’s Budget but, I believe we have it covered.
Wasn’t a big baseball fan growing up but became a fan of my son Don’s favorite team, the Atlanta Braves. Got to know players like Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones and Chris Hubbard. Great role models and very good players. I do remember catching sporadic portions of baseball whenever Pete Rose was playing. I always thought “that guys crazy” and later learned that is why they called him “Charlie Hustle.” Don’t know where “Charlie” came from but “Hustle” was ever present and self evident. Anybody know where “Charlie” came from, lemme know. (Don’t mean Charlie Dubose….I know where he came from.) Haven’t seen one like him since…..uniquely qualified to be a member of the Hall of Fame.