Inflation is over 9%

Think I might need to replace my rain gauge. Dang thing hasn’t been used in so long, I think it quit working or the battery died or something. Then, the rain was sent and I found out that it still worked. Got 4.2 inches on Thursday.
We canceled the Budget Meeting for Thursday evening and rescheduled it for Tuesday at 9 AM. Hope some got the message on Facebook cuz this comes out after the meeting.
Went to my Appraisal protest hearing. Shoulda stayed home. They don’t care what you present, the number is set. When I asked for a comparable sale in the area, the District could not produce one. I believe that Johnette Dixon took offense to me printing a story about her raise. Guess she didn’t want to advertise it. I would sure like to be on the Appraisal Board once I retire from this job on January 1st next year.
I sure hope some of you have contacted your Commissioner and explained how tough times are now. According to the news stations, it costs the average family over $450 more a month to maintain their level of existence without increasing their income. Inflation is over 9%, people are selling off their cattle cause the cost of feeding them is too high, fertilizer to put on crops is outrageous and it’s almost too late to plant anything that could produce in a timely manner. We need to do something about taxes soon….mid-term elections is a good place to start. Term limits is another place to start.
Concerning property taxes, if you have a 7 or 8 figure bank account, a couple hunnerd dollars don’t affect you. But, this happens EVERY year and it mounts up. If you are living on Social Security and a fixed income, it is a big burden. Sometimes, it’s pay your bills and skip eating or eat and let the electricity get cut off.
I have asked our County Judge and our Tax Assessor/Collector to look into the possibility of County taxpayers getting a break. Why can’t we (County) offer the 65 and over crowd a break like the Schools do? Why can’t we freeze their taxes too? Just my opinion but, I think the school system needs an overhaul as well…
This year is my last and my focus is not on improving the financial status of a couple hunnerd employees without taking into consideration the 50,000+ taxpayers of our County that fund this endeavor that some call a circus. Nowadays, if you have a job that is a blessing.
I am fixing to be one of those living on a fixed income. Hopefully, my retirement checks and my Social Security check will suffice enough so that we don’t have to deplete our savings accounts.
Hope that I don’t have to find a job after retiring a second time. If I could make a living on the advice given by Bubba Hanson and Mike Schott on Wednesday mornings at Las Palmas, I would try but, that advice ain’t useful at all….colorful but not useful.
Heard that rain falls on the just and the unjust so, just in case, keep praying for rain even though some of us got some…