Hunting Buns and Donuts

The cuter Tucker gets, the harder it is to tell him “no”. That goes for my little niece Audrey too, who is the same age. She is so sweet and kind, if she asks for something, you can just forget about Aunt Kayleen telling her “no”.
When it comes to Tucker, I try to avoid any extra sugar, as his blood seems to be filled with sugar. He is naturally bouncing off the walls, from sun up to sun down. But he is oh so cute sometimes. The other day, big sister was eating a honey bun, and when he caught a whiff of it, he started circling her and sniffing around although she was trying to hide it. He soon broke out in tears, being told he couldn’t have one, and looked up to me with puppy dog eyes saying “Mama I want a hunting bun.”
Well, if you call it that, how can I say no?
While serving breakfast the next morning, he turned his nose up at my eggs (which are never as good as when daddy makes them), and kept asking for a donut. That was a strange one to me, as we haven’t had donuts in months (not that I can remember). So as he frantically and randomly begged for donuts, I asked “Where do you eat donuts?” Finally the truth came out…
“I want to go to grandma’s house and eat a donut for breakfast,” he said.
So there you go. I can’t blame her though. He sounds awfully cute asking for a donut or a “hunting bun.”