Hot Check

Here is your weekly update from the Lytle Police Dept. We include not only our activity but important city information as well! Officers managed 43 calls for service last week, which is a slow week for the “number of calls”. Your officers conducted 65 traffic stops; those stops resulted in 56 citations and 9 warnings.
We had a huge turnout on Halloween night, the weather was perfect, and the candy was plentiful. We had 8 officers and 7 vehicles out in the field, so about all the officers and all the patrol vehicles. We didn’t have any reported issues involving safety or crime, we will call that a win. I’m still finding empty candy wrappers in my patrol truck; I can only assume that unknown persons were putting the wrappers in there. There is no way I ate all those mini-Snickers and Smarties.
Looks like we only had one property crime reported last week. The locks of 5 mini-storage units on Somerset St. were cut off. One unit reported three folding tables missing. Our crook might have family coming over for Thanksgiving; you can never have too many folding tables.
We also took two financial crime reports, a “hot” check was issued to Napa Auto Parts and a complainant reported that an unknown person cashed a fraudulent check on his account at TXN Bank.
Arrests: Officers made 5 arrests last week: The biggest arrest of the week was on Tuesday. Cpl. Robison and I responded to a disturbance on S. Somerset St. We arrested a 37-year-old female for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (a knife), and she was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. On Wednesday at 8:00 AM a 38-year-old female turned herself in at the P.D. She had an active theft warrant on a case we worked on at NAPA Auto Parts. She was transported to the Atascosa Co. Jail. Had she turned herself in a little later I would have dropped her off at the jail and then hit one of the good places to eat over in the Pleasanton/Jourdanton area. Officers also cited and released three others for possession of drug paraphernalia; those were from three separate incidents.
Emergency Alerts: It’s that time of year; we may be facing weather-related emergencies and issues. If you aren’t signed up to get alerts from the city, please do so. You go to this link and sign up; I would suggest just checking off everything. We don’t sell your email or phone number, mostly because nobody has ever offered to buy them.
REMINDER: Starting on Monday, Nov. 7th the Northbound entrance ramp to IH-35 (in front of Lytle State Bank) will be closed for 2 weeks. Use Main St. North to get onto the IH-35 ramp (overpass just North of the City Limits) during that time. Lytle State Bank will be accessible but give yourself a little extra time to get to it.
NEW NEWS (Traffic Related): I hope you are ready for some more traffic stuff – The Northbound I-35 off-ramp into Lytle (FM 3175) will be closed for a week starting around the 29th of November. Use Exit 127 at Natalia. (Either take the frontage road into Lytle or drive into Natalia and take 132 to Lytle) If you miss the Natalia exit, then take the Luckey Road exit and turn around back to Lytle. This is the only Northbound Exit off IH-35 to Lytle, so this will be challenging. We are putting the school rivalry aside and suggesting you exit in Natalia, please wave at everybody as you pass through. If you miss the Natalia exit then use Luckey Rd, take the overpass and come back and visit us. Like all good things, it is worth the extra effort.