Well my 7-year-old little girl, who loves poofy pink dresses and Barbies, still maintains that she wants to be a Texas Ranger when she grows up. We watched Walker Texas Ranger quite a few times yesterday and every time they “got the bad guys,” she’d jump out of her chair and start karate chopping with some very loud “Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Hi-ya!’s” She was working on her round-house kick yesterday, and I have to say, that girl can kick higher than I’ve ever dreamed of trying.
It’s cute right now, but as a mother of course, I’d worry myself to death if my little girl was really a Texas Ranger, but I guess there’s no sense in worrying now. She’s bound to change her mind about what she wants to do a few times in the next 11 years…..a baker, a candlestick maker, a movie star, a rock star, all that good stuff. I don’t think she’d like a Ranger’s uniform anyway, because it doesn’t have any pink in it.
After some watching and listening to intense, loud hi-ya karate, I went and laid down. To my surprise, she stopped karate practice and came over and started giving me a back massage. She soon went and got my lotion and rubbed it all over my shoulders and she even made those soothing breathing noises as she massaged my back. It took everything I had not to start cracking up, as I listened to my hyper, bouncy 7-year-old make soothing relaxation sounds. Of course, she used way too much lotion, but who’s complaining? I got a back massage.
I thought she, for sure, must have seen a massage in a movie recently or something when she started those relaxation techniques, but she said it was all her idea and she was just trying “to help me relax.” Maybe she’s a natural! Now that would be the answer to my dreams, if my daughter became a professional masseuse. Of course, she wasn’t just pretending to be a masseuse, she also had a few doll babies which she occasionally had to pick up and rock and tend to. She cuddles those dollies so sweetly.
It wasn’t long though before she was off to the living room to practice her kicks again. What can I say, she’s a well-rounded individual. Hi-ya!