60 service calls

It was another hot and dry week here in Lytle. You would think we have some sort of curfew in place during the day because you can drive down the residential streets and no one is outside or moving around. The air conditioners are running and I know my electrical meter is spinning up a storm.
We actually had a good number of service calls this week, sixty of them to be exact. Nothing too major, just lots of little stuff. Officers filed thirty-three cases with the municipal court; fourteen of those were for speeding. Our property crimes included the theft of a weed eater from a residence on Wisdom Rd. and we thought we had a lady’s wallet stolen from H.E.B. Plus but the wallet was recovered and returned. The person picked it up by mistake, so that’s a nice end result. One of our stolen vehicles was recovered this past week. Bexar Co. Sheriff’s Deputies recovered our stolen truck that was taken from Best Western on July 7. The fellow decided to run from them and I heard it was even on the news since he “wrecked” out.
Officer David Lopez got the only “book into jail” arrest this week; he conducted a traffic stop on a pickup truck with different front and back plates. After a little investigation he determined the truck was stolen out of San Antonio back on Thanksgiving Day. The driver said he was buying it from someone but he couldn’t recall the guy’s name or telephone number. It was taken from the Hilton over by North Star Mall. We had a shoplifter at Family Dollar; Sgt. Hanson cited her for theft and released her. She was so close to getting out of the store with her “big score” of two eye liner pencils and a bottle of mouthwash. What’s a haul like that valued at you ask? Twelve bucks! We all like having that “minty” fresh breath.
My friends over at H.E.B. Plus invited me over last Friday to be a Taco Tasting Judge for some employee event they had. It was my first try at something like that and I think I did okay. They set three of us judges (I’m pretty sure I was the only one that would qualify as a celebrity) at a table and gave us these scoring sheets along with some water to “clear our palettes.” Then they did this assembly line thing because we had 14 different tacos to taste. I took a bite of each one, marked my score down and kept on going. I just had a real problem taking one bite out of a taco and then saying goodbye to it. I had fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, pork and who knows what else. Luckily after being a cop for 26 years I have trained my stomach to accept just about anything.
The 8th annual Paws of Summer fundraiser has come and gone, if you missed it there will always be next year. It was great; the live music was a real nice touch. The band played 50s music and while that is way before my time it is still fun to listen to. The burgers were great and I even enjoyed a coke float. I have been to all of them and I bet this was the best attended yet. As far as the money goes I don’t have an exact figure but I bet it pulled in close to 20K, which would be a record. Lots of people took home some real good deals from the silent auction; there is always something for everyone. I came home empty handed, my raffle tickets were duds. If I would have won the big Yeti Cooler I would be set to “run with the big dogs.” Not only could I impress my friends I would include it in my family’s Christmas photo.