“He’s going to love it!

It was my husband’s birthday this week, and of course I scoured my brain to come up with some presents he’d like, but I also like to take our little girl shopping so she can pick out her own gifts. They are always very sweet and funny, and she gets so excited about giving her gifts.
I usually take her to the Dollar Store (the one where everything really is a dollar) so we don’t end up spending a million bucks on the silly little things she picks out. Her excitement is truly priceless though. As my husband stated, “A’Dell is more excited about my birthday than I am.”
As we strolled through the Dollar Store, she saw a pack of Mountain Dew Chapstick, and that’s daddy’s favorite soda so she exclaimed, “Oh mom, this is perfect for daddy!” And then onto the office supply aisle where she found the “coolest” pens and stapler she’s ever seen.”And look, mom, it comes with staples already! This is so perfect!” Then we sifted through some of the $1 movies, of which she picked out a couple, and a couple $1 books. Soon enough, she found a roll of off-brand duct tape for daddy in the perfect color….and a shiny new spatula because daddy cooks her eggs just the way she likes them when he can on Saturday mornings. On our way out of the store, she spotted the balloons. “Mom, that balloon has a football on it! He will love it mom! Can we get it please, please, please!”
I had no intention of getting my husband a balloon for his 33rd birthday, but she so sincerely thought he’d love it I just couldn’t say no. Then of course, being football season, she saw some “football” napkins and a “football” shaped popcorn bowl, which really got her excited. “We have to get this for daddy! He will love it! He’s going to be so surprised!”
On the way home, the excitement only heightened. “This is going to be the best birthday party ever! Daddy is going to be so excited! I have a great idea…..”
“Okay, what’s your great idea A’Dell?” I asked.
“When we get home, you distract daddy, and I will take his presents in through the window so he doesn’t see them!” she said with the cutest little smile on her face. “But you’re going to have to distract him for a long time mom, because there’s a lot of presents!”
And so we did….I “distracted” daddy in his recliner, while she climbed through her window like a little bandit with shopping bags. I have never seen her carry in shopping bags so fast! On the day of the big party, it was just me and her and daddy, and A’Dell was beaming with excitement. She made daddy a “special recipe” dessert but covering sugar on a big peach we sliced up, and arranged it on a plate just so. Then she helped me count and recount out the 33 birthday candles ’til we got it right. As he walked in the door when he got home from work he was greeted with her running down the hallway screaming ” Surprise! Happy Birthday Daddy!” As she told him about all the party things she had planned, she was so excited that she had to jump on the couch a few times in between sentences.
With all her love and excitement one thing is for sure, he loved every special little gift she gave him….Mountain Dew Chapstick to the black duct tape to the beloved football shaped popcorn bowl.