Helping “uther peeple”

Well my daughter has officially lost her top 2 and bottom 2 front teeth. She no longer even tries to eat corn on the cob, a peach, or an apple. The tooth fairy was late again, dang her, but A’Dell knows how that tooth fairy is, so she wasn’t worried. A’Dell simply asked her daddy to “Call the tooth fairy and remind her about the tooth.”
So, daddy called the tooth fairy, and she left $10 under the pillow this time (including the $5 late fee). A’Dell bounced around with that $10 all afternoon, and the very next day, I was so proud of her. She brought the whole $10 to church, and put all of it in the basket to help others. It was all her idea.
Just a few weeks ago, she brought home the most adorable piece of artwork from school. They had done a worksheet/picture that prompts the students to finish this sentence: “Love is…”
On hers she wrote: “Love is caring for uther peeple and making uther peeple feel beder.”
Maybe I’m biased, but I think that’s quite possibly the most wonderful piece of artwork I’ve ever seen.