“Flip Flop Mercedes Bandit” strikes twice

This vehicle, caught on security footage, is believed to be involved in two vehicle burglaries that occurred in Lytle on Friday, March 3. Please contact Lytle PD at 830-709-0277 with tips.

I’ll start with the overview of police activity this past week. We had a total of 56 service calls; some of the more common calls included 6 alarms, 3 vehicle collisions, and 4 vehicle lockouts. On the traffic enforcement side 76 stops resulted in 110 Class C charges.
Three property crimes were reported to us last week, one was a criminal mischief and the other two were vehicle burglaries. The mischief involved someone pouring eggs on a car. What a waste, there are so many other uses for eggs; tacos, sandwiches, deviled eggs, egg salad, the list goes on. The vehicle burglaries both occurred on Friday mid-morning. The first occurred at Lytle State Bank; a purse was removed from an unlocked vehicle, the second one was at Fitness 4 Life on Main St. Several books and check were taken from an unlocked pickup truck. The good news is the suspect vehicle was caught on security cameras at both locations. The vehicle is an older black Mercedes Benz, four doors with a sunroof. It has custom wheels and a paper tag. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male wearing flip flops and a Carhart type jacket. It is believed he also struck at the Wal-Mart in Devine prior to hitting here. Help us bring this “Flip Flop Mercedes Bandit” to justice.
The “call of the week” has to be when a resident brought a dead squirrel to the police department for us to dispose of. That shows me that the community has faith in us to handle any situation. We spend most of the day conducting high level criminal investigations, knocking down drug kingpins and figuring out where to eat lunch so it’s nice to get a break in the action.
Through all our hard work we were still only able to arrest one fellow on a warrant for felony drug delivery out of Bexar Co. Yep he was located and brought to justice, how did we get him you ask? He was driving a vehicle with a registration sticker that expired in Jan. 2007! I’m pretty sure that sets a record for the longest expired ticket we have ever given. I can already hear him telling our judge that he has “been busy and hasn’t had time in the last 10 years to get it fixed”.
It’s all over the news, con artists are hard at work scamming innocent victims. As much as we push out information we still see people being scammed. If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is! Every week we get phone calls from people who are the target of a scam. I really don’t know what to say anymore.
Lytle Animal Care and Control will be conducting their annual indoor yard sale on Saturday March 25 at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd. They have “lots of good stuff.” If you or someone you know needs something fitting that description show up and take part in a great fundraiser and maybe bring home something you can’t live without. It takes place in our wonderful climate controlled community center so don’t worry about the weather. It’s a good event but to receive 5 Stars from me they will need to add a full service snack bar.