HANK, Inc. featured on KSAT 12

The pieces of the HANK home in Devine came together in April 2016.

KSAT, Channel 12, ABC in San Antonio ran a one hour special this past Friday regarding the foster care system, and featured the work of a local organization, HANK, Inc (of Hondo). Supporting this local organization with donating is one of the best ways you can help the many local children in the foster care system.
This clip was “about how Child Protective Services is overworked and understaffed, about the lack of foster facilities for the huge amount of abused kids. They concluded the program with the enclosed clip about HANK, and what we are doing. We now have two foster homes completed in Medina County, with a goal of eight, in order to keep our kids in their home area, and are prepared to do the next one in Castroville, and hope this broadcast will help us raise the $150,000 needed for it. God has blessed us in the past, and I am sure HE will continue to. Thank all of you for your prayers and support…very much appreciated,” the Southwells said.
The monies raised by this organization go towards local foster/adoptive children and their families (in Medina, Uvalde, and Real Counties).
One of HANK’s most ambitious goals is to raise enough money to buy/build 8 foster homes, placed throughout Medina County, so that when children are removed from their homes by CPS, they won’t have to be ripped out of their environment completely. If they can remain in the same city, schools, etc. then they will still have the comfort of their friends and teachers during this difficult time in their lives. They are well on their way toward this goal, with great support from the community realizing what a great thing they are doing. So far, they have opened two homes (one in Devine and one in Hondo.)
Local woman, Heather Yanta, is one of the many volunteers who do such a great service through HANK.
“I’m simply not satisfied knowing our children have to be shuttled away to other counties because our communities haven’t stepped up to provide a place for them here,” Yanta said in a previous interview. “Too many people are waiting around for someone else to step up and write a big check,” Yanta said. “If I could get 500 people, businesses, or churches to give $300 then that would be enough for another home.”
If you would like to make a donation to HANK, contact John Southwell. Call 830-741-1205; Email: hankforkids@gmail.com. Or, see www.hankforkids.com. Mail donations to HANK, Inc. 450 CR 246, Hondo, TX 78861. You can also donate online through PayPal.
Please make a “Group Foster Home” memo on your check if you wish to contribute to this cause specifically.