Hamburger fundraiser for Pct. 4 April 1

The Watchdogs of Medina County will hold Part 2 of their Hamburger Fund Raiser for the Constable Office, Precinct 4, at the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts located at 641 E. Hondo Ave in Devine on Saturday, April 1 (no joke) beginning at 11:00 AM till sold out. This is to benefit the CopSync program the deputies are trying to implement into their vehicles as a multi-function communication and reporting system. Part 1 of the fundraiser last fall provided a little more than half the funds needed to implement the equipment and program and we will be selling 250 hamburgers, with chips and a drink for $6 in hopes that we will be able to complete the needed funds for the program. This will also be an opportune time to say farewell, but not goodbye, to Constable T.J. Richardson, head hamburger chef, who will be retiring his position as Constable as of April 7. We are inviting Malcolm Watson to join us as he has been chosen by the Commissioner’s Court to take the Office of Constable upon T.J.’s retirement. We want to thanks O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and Christine, their manager, for their gracious hospitality in allowing us to use their location.

Barbra Wooten-Del Toro
President, Watchdogs of Medina County