Great prizes at benefit for Reed March 30

There will be a benefit for Paul Reed on Saturday, March 30 at the St Joseph Catholic Church pavilion in Devine with Burgers in a Bag from 11am to 3pm, live music by Matt Hawk from 11am to 1pm and Stevo the DJ. There will also be a bake sale and silent auction.
Tools, purses, home decor, a cooler, barbeque pit, picnic table, as well as four pallets of grass are among the many prizes that will be offered in the benefit drawing for Paul.
Message his sister Darla Reed or girlfriend Sandra Leigh Wilson on Facebook if you have any questions or would like to help.
Reed suffers brain injury
Lifetime Devine resident Paul Reed, 46 years old, suffered a traumatic brain injury while at work on Wednesday, February 13th, which left him at a loss of memory for the past 30+ years. He has regained much of his memory and abilities, but continues to suffer from post concussion syndrome involving his short and long term memory. While he is unable to work, family and friends are organizing benefits to help out a neighbor in need.
“When he woke up and he didn’t remember anybody or anything,” said Reed’s girlfriend Sandra Leigh Wilson.
“He thought it was the 1980’s when he first came to. He thought he was 12 or 13 years old,” his sister Darla Reed stated. “When you see us around town, please introduce yourself. That would be awesome, because while he may remember your face, he can’t always put a name to a face. Brain injuries are difficult to explain or understand…he can remember some things and not others.”
Sandra explains, “He was either picking up or delivering a pallet of grass in San Antonio when the accident happened. The machine he usually uses wasn’t working, so they brought a new forklift that he wasn’t as familiar with, and he just hit his head really bad when he stepped into it. From there he went into convulsions and fell off the machine.”
“We want to say Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support,” Paul’s sister adds. “All of the local businesses have been so supportive of us putting out collection jars, so people can donate anonymously. You just can’t beat living in a small town. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We just can’t say thank you enough.”
Reed was in the hospital for a week, and is now at home with friends and family members stepping in to help during the day.
“I got to visit with him yesterday as he in town riding around with a family member visiting businesses”, said KK Calame, The Devine News Publisher. “It was good to see him keeping his mind active and getting familiar with his surroundings and townspeople again. He is such a kind and giving person. It’s nice to see the town working together to help him in his time of need”.
A go fund me account has been set up or you can also mail a donation to the family.
Wilson states, “He had lost his memory, his motor skills, and his ability to speak. With prayers and help from his therapists he was able to regain most of his memory and the ability to walk and talk. He is still in need of therapy. He did not have medical insurance at the time of the accident. He is unable to work at this time and will need help paying medical and living expenses. It is undetermined on how long he will be out of work.”
“Paul is well known throughout our community and is a very sweet and caring individual. He was always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the situation. It’s our time to help him back. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. If you don’t want to donate through this site you may send a check or money order payable to Paul Reed and mail to 207 Private Road 6622 Devine, Tx. 78016 or 711 W. Colonial Pkwy, Devine, Tx. 78016.”
He is getting better every day. Although he still struggles with some things, he has been blessed with good therapists and a loving family and friends.
Sandra adds, “The MRI’s suggest that the damage is not permanent, and they are telling us he will make a full recovery, we just don’t know a time-frame and for now is unable to drive or work.”
Farm Fresh Eggs
Paul loves raising chickens, and he has been setting up a table and selling farm fresh eggs next door to Maple Tree Cleaners (across from Tractor Supply).
“He has been going out there and setting up a table on Friday and Saturday mornings until about 2,” said Paul’s sister Darla.
By Kayleen Holder