Grave stone found lying in creek bed near Devine

Medina County Precinct 4 workers have found quite a lot of misplaced items in the creek bed along CR 772–even a boat that was illegally dumped in the creek bed there, but they could hardly believe their eyes when found a grave stone lying in the creek this past Thursday.
The crew had simply stopped to do a routine clean up of Chacon Creek when they found it. The stone marker of an old World War II veteran reads: Charles M. Taylor- US Navy-World War II- Feb 28, 1926-Dec 26, 1997.
“It was underwater in Chacon Creek,” said Pct. 4 Commissioner Jerry Beck. “People often dump trash in the creek bed there, so we were just checking the area for trash when we found it.”
This area of the creek is located between Devine and Natalia over behind the South Texas Flea Market.
They have gotten a few leads as they try to find a living relative and get the stone marker back into its place. A policeman from San Antonio responded to Beck’s inquires about the marker with a photo of a more recent double headstone with the names Charles M and Era N Taylor, but actually locating the gravesite wasn’t exactly easy.
UPDATE: Shortly before going to press, a member of the cemetery association did locate the double headstone referenced earlier, and the county is getting ready to move the lost grave marker back to its rightful place.