Grass fires break out along I-35 from Bexar County to Dilley

Volunteer Firemen were called all up and down I-35 South this past November 27 around 5 pm when a string of grass fires began being reported along the interstate.
“We put out about six of the fires in the Devine area along I-35 while other departments responded north and south of us,” said Devine Fire Chief Mike Walker. “I can’t even tell you how many fires there were total. There were several grass fires all the way from Bexar County to Dilley.”
As for the cause of the outbreak of grass fires, it remains a mystery.
“We don’t know if somebody was starting the fires, or if something was throwing sparks as it was being dragged down I-35, or what. Lots of things can throw sparks and start fires like these, anything from a car being towed, or hauling a barbeque pit with a fire and hot coals still in it, or a safety chain on a trailer. Sometimes we’ll see this happen when people haul a barbeque pit around before the fire is completely out. Those are the famous culprits for fires like these.”
Responding for Devine VFD that evening was Daniel, Austin, and David Ehlinger, Matt Richard, Robert Scott, Robbie Cline, and Chief Mike Walker. We’d like to give a big thanks to all volunteer firemen in the area who dedicate so much of their time to respond to these kinds of emergencies, protecting our homes and property.