Garlic toast

Forget light bulbs, how many loaves bread does it take to make a few pieces of good garlic toast? I have the hardest time timing garlic toast right, and I know I’m not the only one because I’ve seen my mom crash and burn a whole loaf trying to make just 6 pieces of garlic toast. We ran out of bread to toast that night. I think we started off with 2 loaves of bread, and burnt them all six pieces at a time. It’s easy to do if you are talking to someone, or cooking and washing clothes at the same time, or helping someone do her homework.
Anyways, I take after my mother. I lack the extreme focus it takes to toast in the oven. Yesterday, I put 4 pieces of bread in the oven to toast, and the dogs really enjoyed those (about half a loaf).
On the second try, I toasted them to perfection though and my husband complimented me on how excellent the garlic toast was, so I was real proud of myself….until he started choking on an extra salty spot. He said I must have “stumped my toe when I was pouring on the garlic salt.”
Garlic toast sounds so simple…you butter it, you salt it, and then you toast it… and yet it’s just so temperamental. I swear that I only cooked the first toast for 4 minutes, and it came out jet black. On the second try, I cooked it four minutes, and opened the oven about 50 million times to check it, and it was just perfect….so I don’t get it.
I asked mom to estimate how many pieces of garlic toast she’s burnt in her life, but she declined to comment. Instead she said, “why don’t you tell people how great my garden is growing?”
Her garden is and always grows so awesome. I’ve never seen squash and okra as big as they get at the ranch. They grow some monster vegetables, and by the way, she also has an awesome garlic patch….which is good for a lot of other things besides garlic toast!
Happy Birthday mom! Happy gardening! And if you’ve got your heart set on garlic toast anytime soon, buy an extra loaf of bread!