76 service calls but just two arrests

Spring break is over and school is back in session, so we weren’t as slow as I had hoped but there weren’t any major events. We had 76 service calls and filed 75 Class C citations with the municipal court, 25 of those were for speeding and the rest were for mostly no insurance, expired vehicle registration and drivers license issues. While not everyone is happy they got a traffic ticket at least 7 people were pleased with us since we got the keys out of their locked cars.
We had two arrests, one on a Bexar Co. warrant for assault and the other was a juvenile that was processed for a simple assault from an incident a week or so ago. On the warrant arrest officers were dispatched to the Days Inn for disturbance, three fellows had been drinking a bit too much. During the investigation it was determined that one of them had the active warrant out of Bexar County, he went to jail and that ended the party.
Our officers took 4 property crime reports, 3 of those being burglaries of vehicles and one was a theft of a purse. One vehicle burglary occurred on Oak St. where a wallet was taken. The next one occurred on S.H. 132 near the South city limits where a resident reported some items missing out of his unlocked vehicle which included about $30 in change. The last vehicle burglary reported took place on Railroad St. and Bank St., in that case it appears they tried to “hot wire” a 2003 Dodge P/U, this happened after lunch on Sunday right in the middle of downtown. The purse theft case happened at St. Andrew’s Church on Main St. during the 1 PM mass. The victim believes she left her purse on the pew and someone took it. I sure hope it was a mix up and her purse is recovered. I wouldn’t want to be that thief on judgment day.
The interesting “event of the week” goes to Captain Reyes who, while on patrol on Main St., clocked a motorcyclist at 124 MPH at the North city limits. This was at 4:15 PM on a Thursday! Wow, I am sure that sets a record for the highest speed clocked on Main St. By the time Reyes turned on the motorcycle, it had disappeared. So far the description we have is a “motorcycle driving really fast, somewhat of a blur.”
This Saturday is the long awaited Animal Control Indoor Yard Sale fundraiser. The event will be at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd. and the doors open at 8:00 AM, they have a lot of items so it should be a fun filled day of “junk buying” for a good cause.
A new restaurant is opening in the old Two Nations building on Main St. We now have five restaurants within walking distance on Main St. With no official authority I am designating that area as our Downtown Dining District. You can get most anything you want to eat as long as you mostly want to eat Mexican food. All these places to eat in town have really caused the police department to grow, I would say on average 5 – 10 pounds per officer (some more, some less).