Freshman Arabians end season 15-2 with big win over Antonian

The Freshman Arabians end another season on top with a record of 15-2. Led by Coach Kaitlyn Rotramel, this team of young players have added much to the Arabian program and will be ready to advance to the JV level of play next season.
In their final game of the year, the Arabians faced Antonian and won in two sets. They played hard and fast and made sure to end their season on a win.
Aces: Yancey Parson 1, Denise Contreras 1, Makayla Rivera 1, Makayla Schnautz 3. Kills: Kelsey Dishman 1, Contreeras 3, Kaylee Romano 2, Rivera 1, Schnautz 3, Avery Mobley 2. Digs: Parson 2, Dishman 8, Contreras 6, Romano 11, Rivera 4, Schnautz 12.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer