Four straight weeks of vehicle theft in Devine

Devine has definitely seen a spike in stolen vehicles this year with 4 just these past 4 weeks. All together, eight vehicles have been stolen in 2017 so far as of this September, and the holiday season has yet to come which usually sees increased criminal activity. Four of those vehicles were recovered so far this year.
According to Devine PD records, nine vehicles were reported stolen in the city in 2015 (with five of those vehicles being recovered), and only five were stolen in all of 2016 (with four of those vehicles being recovered).
This week Dallas and Collye Collins, of Devine, became the most recent victims of car thieves when Dallas’ truck was stolen right in the middle of downtown Devine.
The Collins sent out a plea for help this past September 8, in finding Dallas’ truck which was stolen in broad daylight right outside his office in downtown Devine. San Antonio Police recovered the truck later that night, though the suspects had already sold his tires and made other modifications.
“The truck is ok, but they sold the large tires and rims so now it has ‘donuts’ on it,” Mrs. Collins said. “They also wrote ‘Latino Lover’ on the side of the truck.”
“I was in complete shock…that his truck was stolen right outside his office next to Charlie’s II in Devine in the middle of the day!” Mrs. Collins said. “They mostly trashed the inside but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up…They spilled soft drinks on the carpet so things were sticky. Worst part is they smoked meth or crack in it so it smells horrible…also found used needles from heroin. Apparently lifted trucks are being stolen like crazy because the tires and rims are quick cash.”
The following is a list of 3 other vehicles that were stolen over the past 3 consecutive weeks.
August 22
9:27 AM – A pop-up camper was stolen from the 400 block of Hickory Hwy. The camper was last seen the previous night. It has been entered into the state computer as stolen. This vehicle has not been recovered.
August 28
5:26 AM – Complainant in the 1100 block of Devine Dr. reported a red and silver Ford F-150 with a black kayak rack in the bed was taken from under the carport of the residence. The truck was located in San Antonio, and the driver, a Devine resident, was jailed. Local charges pending.
September 5th, at 1:51 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of LC Martin Dr. reported a vehicle stolen. The vehicle was recovered by Poteet PD. The driver was jailed.

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