Four brothers and sisters dreaming of a forever home

Vincent, Ermelinda, Bianca and Michael are a fun loving closely bonded sibling group who is seeking to become part of their forever family
Vincent is the oldest at age 11. He takes his role as a big brother seriously and is watchful of his younger siblings. He like many other children his age, loves to play videos games and is a big movie buff.
Melinda, age 10, and her younger sister Bianca, who is 8, are two peas in a pod as they enjoy taking part in activities together. Melinda wants to join the basketball team at school, and Bianca would like to be a cheerleader.
Michael, the youngest of the group, is a spunky and active six-year-old, he is also the glue to the group, as his brother and sisters are centered on him. When he is not playing with his siblings Michael enjoys playing with his collection of toy cars.
As a sibling group, they are seeking parents who will love & guide them as grow up. If you think you could be their forever family or for another child in Texas, please attend one of the departments informational meetings….
For more information you can call or log onto the web at or contact Lelilah Guevara, CPS Adoption Specialist at 361-845-2011.