Four Arabian softball players receive All-State recognition

Sophomore #22 Megan Runyan was recognized as 2019 TGCA 4A All-State, while 2019 TGCA 4A Academic All-State recognition went to Sr. #3 Julie Ortiz, Sr. #19 Jessie Ramirez, and Sr. #25 Kendall Arche.
Coach Juan Gonzalez had the following to say about these players:
Sr. #3 Julie Ortiz- Julie was our 2nd baseman and lead-off batter. She often lit the spark in many innings that led to runs scored.
Sr. #19 Jessie Ramirez- Jessie was our 1st baseman and 4 hole hitter. Jessie was a leader in every aspect of our team. From practice to games Jessie was in it 100%.
Sr. # 25 Kendall Arche – Kendall was our right fielder and 3 hole hitter. When Kendall came up to bat with runners on I knew something good was about to happen. Kendall came through many times in clutch situations at the plate.
We will miss all three of our seniors and will be tough to replace especially in the lineup. They set a great foundation this year and set a path for which our program is headed.
Sophomore #22 Megan Runyan- Megan is our center fielder and leader of the outfield. She is a 2 year starter and will be returning for two more seasons. Megan ended the season with a .444 batting avg. with 28 hits, 14 RBI’s, 18 runs scored, and was 20 for 20 in stolen bases. Megan is a huge threat to teams when she gets on base. She is fast and has great instincts on the bases. Megan is a great all around athlete who works hard every day. To get selected to the All-State team as a sophomore is a great accomplishment. Megan deserves this recognition and will be a huge part to our future as well as all the other returnees next season. I am very proud of her and can’t wait to see her develop over these next two years.