Forged checks at HEB

Well we are rocking along and fortunately we didn’t have much criminal activity to report this past week, the call volume was decent with 53 and we only filed 28 Class C citations with the municipal court. Of the 28 cases, 12 were for speeding. How about property crimes? Other than some forged checks being passed at H.E.B. we didn’t have anything reported. How about arrests? Well we got one fellow who was involved in a disturbance with his girlfriend; he had two active felony warrants out of Wilson Co. so he went to jail. The only other event was a traffic stop where a citation was issued for possession of drug paraphernalia. We had a few minor disturbances which included an intoxicated female who was trying to purchase booze from Twin Liquors and became irate when they turned her away.
I’m glad we live in a peaceful community; I can’t check an internet news website without seeing some sort of protest going on. Some are peaceful, others are fueled by hate. We will never be able to move forward as a country if we remain so divided, violence and hate won’t make it happen. (That is my serious comment for the year.) I would like to think that we all get along here because Lytle is full of “good people” but the truth is Lytle is full of “smart people,” it is way too hot to protest anything right now. Now if we were to offer some sort of indoor, climate controlled protest we might get a few takers. When it comes to monuments we don’t have any Confederate ones, for that matter we don’t have any monuments at all. I can see both sides of that story but I am concerned about history being erased, we have to remember our past – the good and bad. Ask people what the American Civil War was and you’re likely to get a lot of different answers that are all over the place. I heard someone say once it was where we “beat Russia,” no that would be the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid (Google “Miracle on Ice”).
School will be back in session soon, watch for the school zones and stay off your cell phones. Our officers use their discretion when it comes to issuing citations or warnings, so I can’t speak for them. I will tell you that I am more inclined to write citations for speeding in the school zone as opposed to warnings, further I almost never give a warning for an unrestrained child. I have seen too many children ejected from vehicles. (Wow I actually made two serious comments in the same weekly update!)