My daughter found a little rabbit hopping around just outside our yard the other day, and it was definitely the highlight of her week.
The first thing she wanted to do is grab my phone and take a picture of it. I told her she could only take 3 photos, so she only took about 300.
Then she sat outside observing it for about an hour that day, running in every five minutes to report to us all of the things the bunny did.
“Mom it went right under the fence! Mom it went around the toys. Mom it went through the garden!” she reported.
She spent the next few days, “searching for bunny tracks”, to see what Bugs had been up to that day.
The child has seen plenty of jackrabbits in her lifetime, out at the ranch, but seeing a little rabbit so close to our house was something new and exciting I guess. Since the jackrabbits are so big and this was a little cottontail, she also thinks this rabbit is a baby which makes it that much more endearing I guess.
It’s cute to see her out in the yard looking for tracks, brings back lots of memories. I can remember how fun it is to look for animal tracks. We did that many days with our dad, when it was nice and muddy outside. Of course, we were always looking for a mountain lion or something exciting when we searched for tracks with my dad at the ranch. Mostly what we found were dog tracks, but each and every track we found got our hearts pumping.
Last night, as I tucked A’Dell into bed, she was still talking about the bunny and what all it did that day. She even noted that, based on the tracks she found that day, she “thinks it likes to eat the little clovers in our yard.”
So I asked her, “Do you think it could be the Easter Bunny, looking for good places to hide Easter eggs next year?”
That really intrigued her. Kids are just too fun! If it ever rains again, take the kids looking for tracks.