Family uncovers Century old Time Capsule in Devine

By Kayleen Holder
Sealed for one hundred and one years inside a limestone brick was a time capsule in Devine. As the old St. Joseph Church in Devine was being demolished in 2020, there were few who remembered the time capsule, and where it was remained a mystery. It wasn’t until this past Friday, November 3, that one local family uncovered the surprise of a lifetime.

Many of the old bricks and other relics were sold for a donation to the church, by parishoners who remember so fondly the way it’s cross and bell tower could be seen from afar.
During that time frame, Foard and Debbie Houston had purchased several of those old limestone bricks from the church that once towered over Devine. Their plans were to build a prayer garden and bench for Debbie’s mother Pat West, who has been a parishioner at St. Joseph’s for over 50 years.
This past Friday, when Mr. Houston cut into one of the cornerstones of the old church, that the time capsule was discovered.
“I tapped on that stone a few times, and I kept wondering about it. It sounded kind of hallow. Finally, I called Debbie and said I’m going to cut that one open and see what’s inside,” Mr. Houston said.


The coins below were some of the pieces of history found in the time capsule sealed for 101 years.

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