Family loses everything in fire

The Marquez family lost their home in a fire Saturday morning, that broke out around 9 am in the Alsatian Heights Subdivision on FM 1343 between Devine and Castroville. After the tragedy, friends and family immediately organized a fundraiser and began collecting donations for the beautiful young family Andres and Kristen who have two young kiddos Jase age 6 and Avery age 3.
A place to store large furniture and appliance donations along with a place to live are currently some of the needs right now, along with monetary donations of course.

A place to live, a place to store large furniture and appliance donations, and monetary donations are some of the Marquezes’ needs right now.
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“There is literally nothing they could save,” said friend Amber Bowie, who has organized a fundraiser for the family. “Right now they are just kind of bouncing around staying with friends and family members until they kind find a permanent place to stay.”
“We have gotten lots of clothing donations. My car is totally loaded down with clothes thanks to the generosity of everyone. Right now donations of gift cards, kitchen appliances, bathroom stuff, etc and smaller appliances are appreciated. I can store smaller items until they find a place to stay. There are also a few people holding onto furniture for them until we have a place to put it.”
Castroville, Mico, and LaCoste Fire Department all responded to the tragic fire, with about 15-20 volunteers there to help.
“Within 10-15 minutes the doublewide mobile home was fully engulfed,” said Assistant Fire Chief Dan Thornley. “Mico and LaCoste departments were actually here in town at a training when we got the call, so the first engine arrived on scene pretty quickly within 10 minutes.”
“The cause of this fire is undetermined. Thankfully the family was not home at the time of the fire,” Thornley said. “This Winter, we would like to remind everyone not to leave heat lamps, space heaters unattended. They can easily start a fire if they get tipped over and it lands against anything that will burn. It just keeps heating it up until its hot enough to start a fire.”
The fundraiser page which can be found on Go Fund Me or Facebook was created by Amber Bowie states, “They lost everything if you would be willing to help out in any way that you can, they need size 4/5 little girls, size 6/7 boys, size medium large women’s, size extra large men’s. Blankets, house supplies, personal hygiene, toys for the kids jackets for everyone anything that you can think of that you’d be willing to give them. Please let me know and I can pick it up at whatever time. Anything will be helpful at this point, they lost everything! Please keep them in your prayers at this time.”
So far $5,782 has been raised for the family. You can find the fundraiser online under Amber Bowie’s page.
Kristen L Marquez can also be found on Facebook.
If you would rather donate by mail, you can mail donations for the Andres and Kristen Marquez family in care of Amber Bowie at 138 CR 4614 Castroville, TX 78009.
The family did also open an Amazon account, where you can see some items they would like if you want to contribute. You can look it up on Amazon under the name of Kristen Marquez.
Here is a link for our online readers:

ATTENTION: If someone messages YOU and asks you to make an additional donation, please ignore it. It’s a scammer trying to rip off people who have already donated.
“I will not send a message asking anyone for money,” Bowie said.

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