Dot your “I’s”

I’m sitting here reading the little Father’s Day card that A’Dell made for her daddy. It is so messy and so precious. I love how kids write one thing and then sort of haphazardly add another thought and then another in each white space and every corner until eventually the whole page is covered in scattered sentiments with words spelled wrong and hearts on the bottom of exclamation points and smiley faces above the letters “I”.
Her note says “Happy Father’s Day I love you very much! From A’Dell and Mom” and then in the left hand corner she added” “A’Dell loves you Daddy! Yes I do!”
In the bottom right she squeezed in a big lopsided heart and wrote “Kiss Kiss” in the middle of it. Knowing daddy would be working on Father’s Day, she wrote “I wish I could be with you right now!!! Daddy!” in the left corner (of course that was adorned with big giant hearts at the bottom of the many exclamation points). But she didn’t stop there, as there was still a little bit of white space in one of the bottom corners, where she planted the words “Love you” on another little heart—just in case he didn’t know!
Every sentence on the page is encircled in yet another heart. I just love how her note is just cram-packed with love. I counted at least 16 hearts on that one sheet of paper. Even all the “o’s” are shaped like hearts. I hardly ever buy cards from the store and this is why! The best cards are made by children with sticky fingers using a plain old sheet of paper and some magic markers.
But even grown-ups can have a little fun with smiley faces and hearts in your love notes. How long has it been since you dotted an “i” with a heart or anchored your exclamation points with smiley faces? A little heart can go a long way!