Dog found stabbed to death after chasing off intruder to protect homeowner

A homeowner was walking around the corner of her home this past week, when she saw a stranger suddenly coming towards her. Living in a very rural, brushy area, she quickly yelled for the dogs, which went after the man, and she ran inside the house to lock the doors and get the gun as she called for help. It happened around 9:30am in the morning of Tuesday, February 8th off CR 2643 in Moore.
Sadly a short time later, their dog named “Buddy” came home, laid down, and passed away. When the homeowners picked up Buddy to wrap him in a blanket to bury him, they saw their dog had been stabbed about 20 times, and his throat was cut. Once a stray, the homeowners had taken in the young pit bull mix, and he became a very loyal, loving, and protective dog.

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The suspect is still on the loose as far as they know. The man was described as a Hispanic male with black hair, about 5′ 6-8″, wearing a camouflage jacket and dark jeans. The homeowner was told by authorities that there had been a bailout just down the road the day prior.
Due to there being so many footprints coming through their property, and beer cans, they think there were more than one person.
“What would that man have done if my dogs hadn’t have been there? He obviously had a knife. Buddy was a good dog, and he had good instincts. He was protective of my wife. He was protecting her like he always did when she felt threatened.”