Does anyone recognize this thief caught on camera in Devine?

Resident Brian Dart was recently the victim of theft at his residence in city of Devine on Colonial Pkwy. Four wheels with rims were stolen from outside his home on Friday, September 29 at 3:45pm. He was able to get a video clip from a neighbor’s security cameras of the thief in action.

These tires were stolen from a home in Devine last week. The homeowner is asking for your help in identifying the thief captured in security footage above.

“I have security footage of the guy jumping my fence and stealing some items from my yard (four Michelin Energy Saver LTX tires and Ford 6 spoke 6×135 wheels).  I would like to see if someone recognizes the truck or the guy?” Dart said.

When the thief first appears, you’ll see the tires roll into the field, and the suspect walks out to retrieve them.

“He threw them over the fence and they rolled away, so he rolled them back,” Dart said. “He was driving a green Chevy.”

You can contact Devine Police Department or homeowner Brian Dart via his Facebook if you have any information.