DHS Sports Banquet “cool moments”

There were many “cool moments” throughout the Sports’ Banquet at Devine High School Gymnasium last Wednesday evening. However, some stood out above the rest.
Cool moment #1
The first cool moment happened at the onset when Athletic Director Chad Quisenberry asked ALL varsity Arabian athletes to please stand.
As all stood in unison, Coach Quisenberry stated that all standing were District Champions as each team in the Arabian program clinched District Championships this past school year. Many more went on to win Bi-District and Area championships.
Every varsity Arabian is, at the minimum, a district champion. Many more advanced past bi-district, area, and on to regional. That’s phenomenal.
Cool moment #2
Near the conclusion of the banquet, Preslee Quisenberry and Alissa Stehle presented “Arabian Fan of the Year” to Alvaro Morales. Alvaro is a custodian at Devine High School who has great camaraderie with many students throughout the school day.
Alvaro was sitting at the top of the bleachers in the high school gym and was initially unaware of what was going on down on the stage and gym floor. As he walked up the stage stairs to receive his award, Alvaro got a standing ovation from all in attendance.
How awesome is the fact that young kids can recognize a man with a great heart and show appreciation in the way the Devine Arabians did?
Speaking with Alvaro on Friday, I asked him what he was thinking as he was walking up to the stage. He said he was “nervous and surprised.”
He also in affect said that he did not know what to think because he does not have any family here in Devine. That is where you are completely wrong, Alvaro.
The entire faculty and all the kids at DHS are your family! Congratulations on the recognition! Well deserved!
Cool moment #3
Longtime “coach” Bobby Campsey has been a staple at Warhorse practices and ballgames for well over two decades. Recently, Bobby’s health issues have forced him to be away from the players that he cares so much for.
Receiving a standing ovation in absenteeism, Bobby was acknowledged as the “Warhorse Adult Fan of the Year” by presenter Grant Collins.
Cool moment #4
Speaking of Grant Collins…Grant’s senior football season was deemed over and out after suffering a ruptured flexor retinaculum with a posterior tibial dislocation early in the season.
Not only did Grant make it back to the Warhorses for their Bi-District game against Navarro where he rushed 12 times for 56 yards and kicked a 42-yard field goal, Grant had an outstanding Track and Field season as a member of the 4x100m, 4x200m, and 4x400m relay teams.
Many in the audience may not have understood the amount of dedicated rehabilitation it took for him to come back from an injury like the one he suffered. However, Grant and his coaches understood.
Head Football Coach Paul Gomez presented Grant the Fighting Heart Award for his courage and strength to come back from a devastating injury and to help the Warhorses almost pull off the upset of the year in their bi-district game against Navarro.
Grant earned that title.
Cool moment #5
I am not sure I can even call this a “cool moment” but I am too far into the article to change paths now. Pretty simply stated high school kids who play a sport are referred to as a “Student/Athlete.”
If I had $5 for every time a coach got to utter the words “Academic All-District” or “Academic All-State” while recapping a student/athlete’s accomplishments at the banquet, I wouldn’t have to wait another 4 ½ years to retire. I would have racked up enough cash after the banquet to last me the rest of my lifetime.
Student/Athletes spend up to eight hours a week at practice, film study, and in the weight room. They spend roughly 40 hours a week in classes earning the right to participate in sports due to UIL’s No Pass-No Play rule. Add in one or two competitions per week, more for sports that have multiple tournaments that can take up entire days and most of their weekends, and these student/athletes barely have enough time left at home to complete assignments and study for upcoming tests.
Being a student/athlete is not an easy task. However, keep in mind that Devine has one particular Arabian student/athlete who participates in team tennis, basketball, spring tennis, and golf and is an active member in National Honor Society, UIL Literary, Yearbook Editor-In-Chief, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Council Vice President, and Senior Class President who just placed 2nd Runner Up at State UIL in Journalism Sweepstakes, 4th place in UIL Newswriting, and is the State Champion in UIL Editorial Newswriting.
Whew! Preslee Quisenberry, you are taking student/athlete to a whole new level. Literally!
For the 60+ Arabian and Warhorse student/athletes recognized as Academic All-District and/or Academic All-State, job well done. That’s pretty cool!
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer