Devine collects 18 team championships in 2018-2019

The number of combined championships won by the Devine Arabians and Warhorses during the 2018-2019 school year is staggering. The Arabians won District in every sport possible, capturing Volleyball, Cross County, Basketball, Track and Field, Golf, Softball, and Spring Tennis championships.
The Arabian’s SEVEN district championships alone is more than any other school in our district accomplished as a whole with both boy’s and girl’s championships COMBINED!
The Warhorses had their share of championships. Football, Golf, and Track and Field each captured a district title while Basketball added a Bi-District gold ball to the mix. Warhorse Track won Area as well.
Team Tennis competes as one entity with boys and girls so their title could actually count for a ½ championship on each side of the gender line.
In all, Devine athletic teams accounted for 18 championships (District=11; Bi-District=4; Area=3). Multiple teams and student/athletes represented DHS at Bi-District, Area, and Regional.
The Arabian Cross Country team advanced all the way to the state level for the first time in 21 years, 11 months, and 26 days (but, who’s counting) and Guido Zapata won Class 4A 110m Hurdles. WOW!
If there is a more successful athletic program in terms of overall championships in the entire state of Texas that can challenge what the Warhorses and Arabians compiled this season, I would very much like to see it because what was accomplished here during the 2018-2019 athletic seasons, does not happen everywhere…or anywhere for that matter.
Breakin’ it down
Arabian District Championships—Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Golf, Track and Field, Tennis, Softball.
Arabian Bi-District Championships—Volleyball, Basketball.
Arabian Area Championships—Volleyball.
Warhorse District Championships—Football, Golf, Track and Field.
Warhorse Bi-District Championship—Basketball.
Warhorse Area Championship—Track and Field
Arabian/Warhorse District Championship—Team Tennis
Arabian/Warhorse Bi-District Championship—Team Tennis
Area Championship—Team Tennis
Regional qualifiers
Arabian Cross Country—Brooke Runyan, Espi Mendoza, Mari Murillo, Brianna Bowyer, Brianna Bernal, Kelli Geyer, Audrey Longoria, Yessika Garza; Warhorse Cross Country—Xavier Garza; Arabian Powerlifting—Kali Key, Jessie Ramirez, Jeannette Rios, Aaliyah Terrazas, Trinity Garza, Felicity Diaz; Warhorse Powerlifting—Kaleb Zertuche, Demi Monreal, Garrett Carver; Arabian Golf—Kayla Busby, Preslee Quisenberry, Shelby Spivey, Paige Williamson, Lillie Weyel; Warhorse Golf—Noah Tumbarello, Brandon Flues, Ricky Gollrad, Denton Zuercher, Bryan Schaeffer; Arabian/Warhorse Tennis—Scarlett Smith, Preslee Quisenberry, Tobias Ramos, Jake Harrell, Brooke Runyan, Ralph Rios, Malvin Flores, Laurel Spannagel; Arabian Track and Field—Alissa Stehle, Mari Murillo, Andrea Gomez, Megan Runyan, Mackenzie Schneider, Analea Brooks, Harlie Walker, Dana Aaron, Aaliyah Terrazas, Kennedy Duncan, Espi Mendoza; Warhorse Track and Field—Guido Zapata, Grant Collins, Jayce Hackebeil, Isaiah Oropeza, Justin Contreras, Tristan Ortiz, Dakota Wofford, Jacob Featherly, Brady Cardenas, Donavon Camacho, Brady Hackebeil.
State qualifiers
Arabian Cross Country—Brooke Runyan, Espi Mendoza, Mari Murillo, Brianna Bowyer, Brianna Bernal, Kelli Geyer, Yessika Garza, Audrey Longoria; Arabian Powerlifting—Aaliyah Terrazas; Warhorse Track and Field—Guido Zapata.
State Champion
Warhorse Track and Field—Guido Zapata (110m Hurdles).
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer