Devine Team Tennis ranked #19 in Texas

With a state ranking of 19th, the Devine Team Tennis took down Hondo last night 13-4. Led by Coach Mark Feltner, the Varsity team is made up of Brian Schaefer, Brooke Runyan, Johnathon Gelinas, Laurel Spannagel, Corwin Flores, Karma Herring, Aidan Hildenbrand, Cameron English, Juan Lopez, Danelly Rodriguez, Lennon Herring, Kylee Saunders, Victor Schaefer, Jordan Erxleben, Damian Araujo, Kelsey Dishman, and JoJo Villanueva.
“We started out a little slow, but our team really responded when it came to singles. We are looking forward to matching up against Uvalde on the 29th. They are ranked #11 in state and will be a tough challenge.” Coach Feltner
The team will play in Uvalde August 29th, Pleasanton September 2nd, their first home meet is October 3rd against Navarro.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer