Devine SR Broncos 2019 Smalltown champions

The Smalltown Youth Tackle football championship games were held in Pearsall Texas this past Saturday. The SR Division was between Devine Broncos vs Dilley Wolves with a final score of 54-0. This group of young men showed hard work does pay off as they battled local towns Natalia, Pearsall, Jourdanton, Cotulla, Charlotte, and Dilley.
During the season, these boys endured hard, strenuous workouts that got them in the shape necessary to go the distance and then some, special bonds and friendships developed that were demonstrated and showed on the field – they played with so much heart for the game, for each other, for the name on the front and back of their jersey. For the 6th graders that have been with the program since 3rd grade, the bond is very strong as they have never lost a game.
Special thanks to the parents/guardians for always having the boys at practice ready to go! Broncos = Future Warhorses!
Overall season of the 9 games played, the Broncos collected astonishing 465 points vs 36 points by their opponents.
Jack Zimmerle will continue the program and sign-ups will be in August as always for grades 3rd – 6th.
2019 SR BRONCOS: #2-Mason Saunders; #4-Cole Reyes; #7-Christian Ross; #10-Karter Brown; #12-Johnny ‘Becker’ Byrd; #14-Francisco Rios; #15-Grady Johns; #16-Lucas Rodriguez; #19-Lit’ Joe Guerrero; #20-Raysean ‘Magic’ Beaver; #21-Mario Vicente; #24-Alejandro Ramirez; #26-Shawn Lowe; #30-Christian ‘Talk-a-Lot’ Monreal; #31-Christian Beaver; #33-Ty Sadler; #48-Brady ‘Cornbread’ Loeffler; #51-Riley Gutierrez; #56-Lucas ‘Bob’ Hicks-Hernandez; #58-Thomas ‘TJ-Panda’ Buvinghausen; #74-Derek Traylor; #75-Trystan Lafond; #Jackson Hagdorn; #80-Mason Beaver; #83-E Zekiel Morin; #98-Samuel Morales
Coaches: Jack Zimmerle (Head Coach), Lance Hagdorn, Michael Hernandez, Jason Monreal, Joseph Sadler, Mike Reyes, and Lit’ Jack Zimmerle.