Devine Reunions & Homecoming Oct. 14


Each year classmates get together to celebrate their years by having reunions, and many do it on Homecoming weekend. This year the DHS Classes of 1963 and 1973 will be celebrating theirs privately and at the DExSTA Homecoming Saturday Social on October 14th at the VFW (old Green Alamo). *If you are in these classes, contact your class representatives for more information.

All alumni are invited to attend this once-a-year Saturday Homecoming event on October 14th at the VFW!! *See the Homecoming Schedule in the Devine News, or go to, or the Facebook page for the Devine Ex-Students/Teachers Association! See you at Homecoming!

1962-63 WARHORSE BAND (from the 1963 Devine HS yearbook): Rosa Alvarado, Bill Bain, Thada Bain, Carolyn Bassett, Lana Belew, JoAnne Briscoe, Janice Bryant, Diann Bush, Ann Calk, Jalyne Chant, James Clawson, Jacquelyn Gentry, Rife Denton, Barbara Driscoll, Lexie DuBose, Clara Edwards, Linda Gardner, Marajean Graham, Billie Hartung, Barbara Haynes, Lupe Hernandez, Ray Homeyer, Roy Homeyer, Pat Hostetler, Hazel Howard, Peggy Howard, Sarah Howard, Juliana Irwin, Tanya Johns, Dennis Johnson, Nina Johnson, Jeannie Jolley, Bettye Juhlin, Mary Jungman, Linda Keith, Becky Lacy, JoAnn Lessing, Beth Littleton, Jane Littleton, Sharon Littleton, Beverly Lorentzson, Richard Malone, Kathleen McDonald, Claude Morgan, Joyce Noblitt, Elizabeth Ontjes, Bobbie Gail Ouzts, Jean Petty, Mary Pletz, Freda Potter, Roy Rodrigues, Roger Russell, David Schweitzer, Donna Schroeder, Evette Schroeter, James Shaw, Charlotte Soles, Susie Sollock, Carolyn Stewart, Connie Stroud, Annie Tellez, Sondra Tomblin, Sammy Turner, David Wilkerson, Dixie Williams, Gloria Young, Leon Young.