County Treasurer Debbie Southwell retires

Medina County Treasurer Debbie Southwell gave her letter of retirement to Commissioner’s Court this past Monday. Her retirement will take effect October 31, according to County Judge Keith Lutz.
“There is a small window of time if anyone wants to file for election from November 11-December 11 if anyone wants to run for Treasurer,” Judge Lutz said.
In the mean time, Judge Lutz adds, “We (commissioner’s court) will appoint someone to the position, but it will be on the November ballot again very soon. And unlike other elections, the newly elected treasurer would take office immediately after votes are canvassed.”
In her letter of resignation addressed to County Commissioners Jessica Castiglione, Danny Lawler, David Lynch and Larry Sittre as well as Judge Lutz, Mrs. Southwell stated:
“It has been a pleasure serving the people of Medina County, and I have gained valuable insight into the inner workings of county government. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future and pray that Medina County continues to grow and thrive.”