Devine Police Report Dec. 4-10

Dec. 4
10:55 PM – Report of a vehicle failing to maintain lanes on IH-35 NB. Driver was sleepy and stopped at Love’s to take a nap.
12:06 PM – Two juvenile females were cited for possession of marijuana less than 2 oz. and released to family members.
8:01 PM – Complainant in the 600 block of S. Teel Dr. reported a van with an open door and thought someone broke into it. However, nothing was missing and he stated he might have left the door open on accident.
10:31 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of W. Moore Ave. stated she didn’t want her husband on the property and that there may be a confrontation if he remained. The husband later left, everything was okay.
Dec. 5
3:40 PM – Officer dispatched to IH-35 NB in reference to two 18-wheelers speeding; unable to locate.
10:37 PM – Female subject at Walmart cited and released for theft.
Dec. 6
6:42 AM – Officer dispatched to the 100 block of Galbreath in reference to a male subject screaming on location.
7:00 AM – Male subject in the 100 block of Galbreath was arrested on a warrant for drugs and jailed.
1:13 PM – Officers dispatched to the 600 block of E. Hondo Ave. in reference to a vehicle on location that was not supposed to be there; unable to locate.
A divorced couple was supposed to meet at the Devine PD for a child custody exchange at 3:30 PM. Ex-husband and daughter did not show up.
Dec. 7
5:11 AM -Officer assisted the Medina County Sheriff’s Department with an alarm going off in the 400 block of Hwy. 132 N. All was okay; building secured.
2:14 PM – Complainant reported a dresser in the middle of the roadway on W. Colonial Pkwy. Officer made location and moved property off the roadway.
5:05 PM – Complainant reported a storage unit in the 100 block of Colonial Pkwy. had a different lock. The unit renters were contacted, and the lock was breached by the manager. Renters stated items were taken. Manager would provide video if available.
Dec. 9
2:54 AM – Officer assisted MCSO with traffic control for an accident on IH-35 NB.
4:43 AM – Complainant in the 200 block of W. Moore Ave. reported an unknown subject knocking on the door. The subject was ID’d and all was okay; complainant thought the subject was someone else.
8:12 AM – Complainant in the 300 block of Renfro Dr. reported her ex-boyfriend took a credit card and her vehicle. Vehicle located by police, and the credit card was canceled without being used.
12:25 PM – Two male subjects in the 600 block of E. Hondo Ave. were in a physical disturbance. One male struck the other male resident and lacerated his right eye. EMS was paged out due to injury.
12:26 PM – Report of a semi truck parked in the wrong direction in the 100 block of Oak Hill Dr. Officer made contact and observed an Arkansas license plate. The semi was tagged.
Dec. 10
9:37 AM – Complainant in the 300 block of W. Moore Ave. advised her husband was parked outside her house in a brown car and that he has voices in his head telling him to kill her. The husband was highly intoxicated and was jailed for public intoxication.
10:20 PM – Two vehicles almost had an accident in the McDonald’s drive-thru, which caused a verbal dispute between the individuals involved. Everyone was separated and given voluntary written statements to fill out.