Devine Police Report Aug. 6-12

Aug. 6
9:10 AM – Complainant reported a gold car in the area of a convenience store with a couple seen arguing in the parking lot. Officers viewed camera surveillance, obtained a license plate number, and checked residence.
9:39 AM – Complainant in the 100 block of W. Hondo Ave. reported a male and female outside in the parking lot arguing. The subjects were ID’d. The male subject was off his medication and released to his boss.
3:30 PM – Complainant on Rosewood advised two bikes were taken from his front porch. Homeowner was out of town when it occurred.
Aug. 7
1:48 AM – Two vehicles parked at Warhorse Stadium with subjects inside; all was okay.
1:55 AM – Complainant in the 100 block of N. Upson Dr. reported a verbal disturbance between himself and his girlfriend. Parties separated; all was okay.
12:50 PM – Complainant in the 400 block of Hickory Hwy. found a black debit card at the ATM in the 200 block of Hwy. 132.
6:30 PM – Complainant advised signage at a restaurant on Hondo Ave. obstructs view of roadway. Officer made contact with owner; sign on trailer was removed.
10:01 PM – Possible shots fired in the area of Rosewood; unable to locate.
11:53 PM – A female subject at Walmart was jailed for theft $100-750 and possession of dangerous drug, prescription pills without a prescription.
Aug. 8
1:54 AM – Disturbance between male and female in the 700 block of CR 6612; verbal only.
9:12 PM – Medina County deputy asked officers to be on the lookout on Hwy. 132 S. for a white Ford pickup with a possible suicidal person; unable to locate.
9:43 PM – Complainant on IH-35 SB reported a Jeep speeding and unable to maintain a lane; unable to locate.
Aug. 9
7:22 AM – Officers dispatched to the 100 block of Colonial Pkwy. for a report of a male subject yelling in the parking lot. The subject was ID’d and was hard of hearing. Officer provided him a ride to residence.
2:41 PM – Complainant reported a suspicious white van in the 300 block of Renfro Ave.
2:53 PM – Complainant reported a white truck in the 200 block of Zig Zag Ave.; all was okay.
3:12 PM – Officers dispatched to the 300 block of Hayden Ave. in reference to a verbal disturbance between two female parties.
6:33 PM – Vehicle stopped in the 300 block of N. Transportation Dr.; driver found to be driving without a license.
9:06 PM – Complainant in the 300 block of Jefferson Dr. found several debit cards on the road near her residence.
Aug. 10
12:36 PM – A male subject from Eagle Pass was at a convenience store in the 600 block of E. Hondo Ave. asking for rides to Pleasanton. Officer gave the subject a courtesy ride to another store.
3:46 PM – A red Freedom debit card was found on the roadway next to the ice machine by Triple C.
4:44 PM – A subject at Walmart was cited and released for theft under $100.
7:51 PM – Officer dispatched to Walmart in reference to several vehicles parked in parking lot with a male subject putting on a tactical vest. Area searched; unable to locate.
Aug. 11
12:27 AM – Female subject on location at the park on N. Windy Knoll Dr. was upset with her 17-year-old son who was at location with friends and hadn’t told his parents where he was going to be.
2:30 AM – Complainant in the 300 block of Renfro Ave. reported the power going off at residence.
12:46 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of IH-35 S. reported panhandlers on location soliciting money and customers complaining. Subjects departed.
11:21 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of Live Oak Dr. reported the front door to residence was found open. Officers checked the area.
Aug. 12
2:45 AM – Complainant in the 200 block of Jay Dr. reported someone knocking on the back door; unable to locate.
8:57 AM – Complainant in the 600 block of King Ave. called and advised she saw two illegal immigrants running behind her apartment complex and had the hood up on a white Lexus and then left the area.