Devine Police Report

September 1

10:18AM – Complainant on St Hwy 173 N called regarding large trucks going over speed limit and changing in and out of lanes.

12:20PM – Officer dispatched to Rossville Ave. regarding burning on property. Officer made contact with property owner and fire was extinguished.

16:03PM – Complainant on College Ave called in reference to verbal disturbance at location. Parties were separated.

16:30PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for vehicle accident.

17:26PM – Complainant on Mobile Pkwy called in reference to bird hunters. All okay.

19:20PM – Complainant on Warhorse Dr advised of vehicle parked in front of driveway. Vehicle was moved.

September 2

9:09AM – Complainant called about male sitting at cemetery. All okay; male was on the phone. ID’d by police.

11:53AM – Officers dispatched to Colonial Pkwy for argument between family. Parties had already departed prior to officer’s arrival.

17:31PM – Complainant on Davis Ave called regarding attempted entry marks on door of home.

19:09PM – Officer dispatched to IH 35 S for couple fitting. Left prior to arrival.

19:58PM – Complainant on Hayden Ave called about woman not letting them set items. Officer unable to locate both parities upon arrival.

September 3

7:08AM – Officer dispatched to College Ave for a male assaulted by another male. Victim did not want to file charges at the time. EMS transported subject to University Hospital.

3:30AM – Officer observed vehicle in parking lot on Windy Knoll Dr. Made contact and ID’d both occupants that were minors. Released to parents.

3:30AM – Officer received report of loud TV on Rosewood Ave. Deputy assisted.

5:43AM – Officer dispatched to Davis Ave for male involved in a physical altercation with 3 step children. Male will stay away for the night.

6:05AM – Complainant on Davis Ave called in reference to male on property causing a disturbance. Advised someone picked him up prior to officer’s arrival.

14:00PM – Complainant on IH 35 advised of KIA SUV driving recklessly. Unable to locate.

September 4

0:49AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave to unlock vehicle.

5:41AM – Complianant on IH 35 S advised was struck by blue 4 door sedan near rest area and was following vehicle, approaching weigh station. Trooper eventually stopped vehicle in Frio Co.

September 5

12:00PM – Late entry – occurred on 9/4 at 1700-1723 hours – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave in reference to civil issue involving child.

16:22PM – Officer dispatched to Transportation Dr for minor accident.

16:58PM – Complainant on Hondo Ave called in reference to male being on location.

18:30PM – Complainant called regarding money she believed she lost at store. Later notified by store another customer turned one in. Complainant notified to see if it belonged to her.

September 7

1:30AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for disturbance between male and female at pumps. Upon speaking with cashier subjects advised to depart due to multiple complaints from customers.

4:09AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for report of individual wearing black shirt and red shorts walking on roadway and almost being hit. Located male subject and advised to stay off road.

6:15AM – Complainant called in reference to a hit and run that occurred on IH 35 county line. Vehicles stopped at business on Hondo Ave.

7:15AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for disabled vehicle in road. Vehicle removed from roadway.

10:33AM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to vehicles not slowing down through construction zone.

13:02PM – Officer dispatched to Coker Ave for verbal disturbance between male and female. Male departed residence after officer arrived.

14:44PM – Officer dispatched to Webb Ave. Neighbor caught on video possibly a Ford pickup in complainant’s driveway. Complainant is out of town and believes two shoe boxes were missing from locked shed.

23:40PM – Complainant on Teel Dr stated someone walking around neighbor’s property. Unable to locate.