Devine ISD to close Monday, March 16 for students amid coronavirus (COVID-19) fears; Natalia, MV, Somerset, Jourdanton to close March 16-20

UPDATE:  Devine ISD has decided to close for the entire week as most other districts are. See separate story posted Saturday.

Devine ISD announced that there will be no school Monday, March 16, 2020 for students. Staff will report as normal. Students at this point will return on Tuesday. This is as of 3 pm on Friday, March 13th. Updates will be posted as more decisions are made in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) issue. Natalia ISD, Somerset ISD, Medina Valley ISD, and Jourdanton ISD have posted that they will be off the entire week of March 26-20.

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Dr. Todd Grandjean said Friday morning, “I will be a part of two important phone conferences Friday afternoon. One through Region 20 Service Center and the other one a superintendent phone conference with the Commissioner at the Texas Education Agency. We will hold a board meeting on Tuesday evening to determine a plan of action for the district. We are still in the same scenario as last week in terms of very low threat for our area; however, we are planning for the upcoming weeks. I am in daily communication with State and County officials in terms of assessing the situation every 24 hours. Based on the information that we have from all of the health officials who help us monitor these situations, we feel that extending spring break for Monday for planning for future changes is the best fit for Devine at this time.”
According to the San Antonio Express-News, most Bexar County schools will remain closed for the next week.
The Devine ISD Superintendent has authority for closures, normally under weather conditions or widespread illness situations. “In this scenario any extended closure would definitely be board action,” Grandjean stated.
The University Interscholastic League announced that all UIL events, including sports, academic, OAP, etc., are suspended until the end of March. That goes into effect Monday.

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