Devine ISD Supt. Todd Grandjean attends leadership institute

Devine ISD Superintdent Todd Grandean recently completed a leadership opportunity that he was chosen selected for.
“Dr. Grandjean continues to lead by example, while he implements new ideas to improve the skills of our district faculty and administration. He brings new ideas that will drive our district to excellence. I appreciate his hard work and dedication,” said DISD Trustee Chris Davis.
“I was extremely excited for the opportunity to attend the Thompson Leadership Institute through the past months, and I truly appreciate the Board of Trustees allowing me to be away from the district to attend this training. It was an honor to be selected, but what I’m most motivated about is the opportunity to grow We know that instructional staff need high-quality professional development and coaching to be the most effective at their jobs, and the same goes for superintendents. I need mentoring and support like any member of my staff does, and an opportunity like this has certainly helped me learn skills and form relationships that I need to thrive in my position. I know that I can better serve the community and my staff when I’m connected to a support system. The information available will help me grow and learn specifics that in turn will certainly present opportunities for our staff and students to build on the great things we do every day. Devine has always been known for high student success. I plan to leverage what I have learned through this program to make sure it continues and push for constant improvement for everyone involved.” Todd Grandjean

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