Devine High School volleyball camp with Holly Graham Watts July 22-24

Former Arabian Holly Graham Watts, currently on the coaching staff at Western New Mexico University, is returning to hold a volleyball camp for 3rd through 12th graders at the DSAC July 22-24.
The camp is $10.00 per hour per camper (make checks payable to Holly Watts). 3rd-6th graders attending all four hours is $40 per person, 6th-8th graders attending all five hours is $50 per person, and 9th-12th graders attending all nine hours is $90 per person. A pro-rated cost is available if a camper is only able to attend a portion of the clinic.
Register with Coach Leigh Anne McIver using the form below any time up to the first day of camp. The camp is open to any and all, according to the age/grade noted and space available. A minimal number of WNMU volleyball gear will be sold at the camp for an additional cost.
Watts won two State volleyball titles as an Arabian, and played collegiate volleyball and basketball for the University of Texas.
Thursday, July 22
2:00-4:30p 6th -8th graders
4:30-7:00p 9th-12th graders
Friday, July 23
8:00-10:00a 9th-12th graders
10:15a-12:15p 3rd – 6th graders
2:00-4:30p 6th – 8th graders
4:30-7:00p 9th-12th graders
Saturday, July 24
8:00-10:00a 9th-12th graders
10:15a-12:15p 3rd – 6th graders


Name: _______________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Grade (’21-’22 school year): ___________________
Cell Phone: ______________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________
Release Form/Emergency Information:
As a custodial parent or court-appointed guardian of ________________________________________ (child’s name), I do for both of child’s parents, for child and child’s heir and successors, release “Devine Volleyball Camp” and any of its agents, employees, or staff from all claims arising out of or connected with the child’s participation in any of the “Devine Volleyball Camp” activities. I provide this release because I am mindful that athletics, physical training and competition can be a dangerous undertaking regardless of how careful or prudent any person, firm, or facility might be. Furthermore, I give permission to the staff of “Devine Volleyball Camp” to treat child or arrange for medical care or treatment deemed necessary. If circumstances permit, the staff will attempt to communicate via telephone with the following emergency contacts for child.
Primary Emergency Contact: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Secondary Emergency Contact: ____________________________________________________________________________
In the event neither emergency contact can be reached, or if the urgency of the situation requires immediate attention without prior telephone contact, “Devine Volleyball Camp” staff may arrange for medical treatment at the expense of parent or guardian signing form.
Health insurance, PPO: Ins. Company: _____________________
Policy #: ________________________________________
Policyholder: ____________________________________
Relationship to camper: __________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Telephone: _____________________________________
Allergies (if any): ________________________________
Heart disease or other: _______________________
Parent/Guardian Signature & Date